Timbooktoo Bookstore (Fajara)


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Timbooktoo Bookstore (Fajara)

If you're looking to familiarize yourself with West African literary tradition, look no further - the Fajara-based Timbooktoo book shop stocks a good selection of African literature (and music), and even houses a pleasant upstairs cafe to be made use of for the reading.


One rule to remember when shopping in Gambia is to be ruthless at haggling - in most cases, prices may be brought down by at least one-third of the original number. Neither Banjul nor its surroundings offer much of the western-style shopping some travelers may be expecting to find - there are little to none of glass display stores or shopping centres, with most shopping carried out at local markets or straight off hawker stalls. Items worth bringing back home include woodwork (masks, especially), fabrics, traditional jewelry and crafts, and even local treats and foodstuffs.