Butcher's Shop (Fajara)


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Butcher's Shop (Fajara)

Although slightly more pricey than your average Gambian eatery, Butcher's Shop brings quality to show for its ambition - the menu is varied (with a Moroccan touch - the star head chef comes from Morocco himself), with meats and fish cooked to perfection.


Dining options range widely by cuisine type and service quality, from cheap roadside eateries to fancier, upscale restaurants geared primarily at international visitors. Some traditional local dishes include the domada (a variety of peanut-based stew made with vegetables of the cook's choice, served on rice), benechin (or Jollof rice) — a one-pot rice dish made with meat or fish, chili, and various vegetables, and yassa (a simple chicken or fish dish with a side of rice).