Bijilo Forest Park


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Bijilo Forest Park

The Bijilo Forest Park is most known for its inhabitants - it is home to a large population of monkeys, many of which do not mind interacting with visitors. Beware of unsolicited offers of being guided through the park, as the premises are safe and rather easy to navigate. Remember to bring peanuts, the monkeys' preferred treats (these may also be purchased on-site).

Do & See

The small, gritty port town of Banjul rarely figures as the final destination on visitor itineraries. If a few hours is all you have, explore the Royal Albert Market – the town's busiest commercial grounds – and shop around Ecowas and Liberation Avenues. If time permits, pay a visit to Banjul's most known landmark (Arch 22) – sweeping views unfold from its top floor. For further pursuits, look to nearby settlements, abundant natural parks and the beaches of Gambia's coastline.